It’s been a while

It’s been too long since I have posted here. I guess the biggest news is that A Christmas Carol is finally out in theaters. So go see it! I only had a small part in it since when I started working at the studio I jumped right in on getting Mars Needs Moms rolling. Which is really what I have been working on ever since.

I have nothing really else to update on other than I been working in my spare time on writing a wrapper for MotionBuilder’s Python implementation because I feel there is a lot of work needed to be more user friendly and also provide more functionality. Some ideas I’m borrowing from Maya’s commands. But it’s in the early stages so when I get a little further and some testing on the latest versions of MotionBuilder I’ll make it public to download. Maybe that will give me the incentive to keep working on it. The main reason why I am developing it is due to the ever changing structure for every release which breaks your tools every version that comes out. So I’m making my own wrappers that I can rely on and not have to go through and update all my scripts. The other reason is I am inspired by PyMel and feel there is a need for a more intuitive tool that works from a production standpoint.

That’s it for now, until next time.. or year..

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