Los Angeles Here I Come!

I’m excited to announce that I accepted a position at Sony Imageworks in Los Angeles. I was told by a friend that Los Angeles is like gravity to our industry, you just get pulled toward it. So when I finish my remaining time at IMD, will be packing up and making the move.

I had a great time and really enjoyed the area up here. I hope to someday come back and spend a little more time,  but I gotta go where I gotta go and hopefully I will enjoy LA as much as I have enjoy the rest of California.

Also, big thanks to my friends that have given me help. I hope that I can return the favor some day.

So with me not having to work like crazy to update my reel right away, I have put a little more time into PyMoBu. So hopefully my next update will contain a demo of this claim I been making and getting what I have done out to the public for feedback.



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