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Ok, so I had this MEL script sitting around a long time and wanted to share before it gets too out of date. This is the shape taper script that is in my demo reel that splits symmetrical set driven keys into left and right asymmetrical shapes on joints.

What this script is for is you have a single attribute that drives a symmetrical shape on your bone based facial rig. But when you want create left and right tapered shapes, it becomes very difficult to do this. So that is where this tool comes in. Once you have the symmetrical shape created, you can split it very easily with great control so you have perfect left and right shapes, which when combined will look just like the symmetrical one.

I made this script a few years ago, so some of my bad coding still exists in there so forgive me. But it’s free to use and recently fixed to work with 2011 of Maya. To see an example watch my demo reel about 2/3 way through and you will see what it can do.


Download seShapeTaper v2

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