When I was at IMD, I worked with Chad Vernon who wrote many great tools and plugins. When I started at Sony Imageworks, some of the guys there were asking me about Chad’s awesome UV blendshape deformer and if I had used it. I remember it was very handy for transferring shapes across different LOD characters and how much it saved time. Since I started doing more and more plugin development, I kept thinking about how I could write my own version plus add some handy features. It was not an easy tool to write and it took a long time of researching into some of the road blocks I would hit. But recently I feel I have accomplished my goal and have another tool in my toolbox. I’m very happy with the results and have some ideas now to add more features or create other tools.

I will explain more in another post, but here is a quick demo showing how I can drive a mesh that has completely different topology and shape through similar UVs.

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More details to come!


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