Python version of sePushPullConstraint available

Well it seems I don’t post much lately and if I do, it’s mostly because I released updates to the sePushPullConstraint. So this will be no different! I have been getting more emails about getting the plugin for Maya 2015 on Windows and unfortunately I can’t compile newer versions due my out of date computer. Yes, it’s 7 years old but still does the job but I guess newer software says otherwise. Anyways, to help those who want to try the plugin on a Maya version and OS that is not compiled, I have taken a few hours to port the C++ code over to Python so now you can use any versions and OS you want and waiting for me won’t hold you back.

So if you download the plugin there will be  a Python folder with plugin inside. To install is the same as any other Maya plugin, it is not a script. The commands and usage is exactly the same. I have tested this in Maya 2012 and 2013, but there could always be changes to Maya’s Python API that could require modifications to the plugin.

On a side note, yes I am updating my computer to something a little more modern so in the near future, I will be able to compile updates more easily.

Thanks everyone for show interest in the plugin and I’m glad it’s still being used out there! Now, go download the sePushPullConstraint!

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