sePushPullConstraint source via Git

I have recently been learning to use Git as a version control system for my projects and I must say how much I really like it. Git makes it so easy to work on code and files while keeping my history in case I need to go back to a older point in time. Also the ease of creating and managing branches is really nice. I had a personal svn server setup for this purpose which I haven’t used in a while but this makes it so much easier without having a central location to sync my work to.

I can go on about this but one thing that I really like is how easy it is to share my Git repository on my site. So for starters I have added a Git repository for the sePushPullConstraint source code. You are not able to push anything to it since I don’t want anyone to change my code without me knowing. This is a way to encourage people to add new features or improve something on this plugin. If anything it is more of an experiment and something new to try out. I am still going to keep a zip file that can be downloaded as well so I am not forcing anyone to use Git who wants the source code. Why am I not using a free site like Github/Bitbucket/GoogleCode/etc? Well for one I like having all of my work in one location and I am paying for my website, so might as well use it.

So if you are interested in cloning the sePushPullConstraint source code using Git, the location to the repository is:

UPDATE: I have moved this repo to GitHub so it is more easier to search and be discovered.


If you haven’t used Git yet, I highly recommend it!

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