Now on GitHub

I was initially going to try to keep all of my open source projects and code on my web server since I pay for it and keeps things all in one place, however I was told it was difficult find using a web search. So in effort to reach more people and to make it easier for others to find and branch my code, I am going to use GitHub going forward. I won’t be dumping all of my scripts and tools up there, but just the ones that I find generally useful to a broader audience.

Currently I just moved the source code of the sePushPullConstraint and added handy utility for working with Maya’s API Arrays in C++. So if you have a GitHub account, follow me and go to my GitHub page.

The other bigger news is still coming. I have been pretty occupied lately and may have some time to get back to wrapping up the last parts. So hang on a little longer 🙂

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