seUVBlendShape Finally Available!

It’s finally here! After a lots of time spent on putting everything in place to make this a solid and complete tool, it’s ready to go. Since I posted my first version almost 3 years ago, I have received several emails asking if this would be made pubic at some time. At the time it had limited features and I wanted to make some major improvements before I would release it into the wild. So in my spare time, I started with a clean slate and added new features while making sure performance was improved as well.

In addition to a completely new code for the deformer, additional tools were developed to make it a complete package and ready for anyone’s projects and pipeline. A lot of hours were spent writing and testing these tools and I hope they will be a big help to others. I appreciate everyone’s support.

So I am pleased to finally say yes, you can download this plugin and tools for a small price which I feel will pay for itself with the time saved. I have made a special page with all the details here:

seUVBlendShape webpage

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy!

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