Trial Version of seUVBlendShape!

Not too long ago I finally released my UV BlendShape deformer and received lots of positive feedback. One thing that I didn’t think about initially was other than watching my videos for demostration, how are they going to know how it will benefit them? I decided to come up with a plan for a trial version and began tossing a few different ideas around on how I would deploy such a thing. At first I was going to do a time trial, but that was too difficult to get working perfectly without someone easily getting around it or making it a big pain for the user and myself. I can now understand why there are license servers that manage these things now.

To make it easier for myself and everyone, I decided to just add a couple limitations to the deformer. So there is no time restriction or how many times you can use it. The only limits are that it will only work on geometry with 3,000 vertices or less and only up to 3 targets. I hope that will allow for some everyone to evaluate the tools before committing on making a purchase. All the tools and examples that are included in the full version are in the trial.

So if you were curious about the seUVBlendShape set of tools but didn’t want to put the money down yet. Please give it a try and see if that will help your decision. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy taking it for a test drive.

Get the trial version of seUVBlendShape here!

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