Tutorial: Adding an OpenCL kernel without distributing the source

I have been doing some development in Maya’s new GPU deformer override and I found it very handy and straight forward to implement. There is a simple feature to build the OpenCL kernel from an external file. This is fine if you want to provide the kernel source for others to improve or fix without recompiling. But for those that for one reason or another do not want to provide the kernel source code, you have to do it another way. Which is what I will show in this tutorial.

Though in the future we will have more options on using tools like Spir-V to generate an intermediate form which has many advantages and look forward to exploring those projects soon. But now, I hope this information is useful to bundle up your software by embedding the kernel code into your plugin source code.

Take a look at the “Adding OpenCL Kernel To GPU Deformer Without Kernel Source File” page.

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