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Well, as you know, my name is Scott Englert and I am currently living near Seattle, Washington. I have always been into art and technology, so when I saw Toy Story for the first time I was hooked. I immediately began exploring 3D and teaching myself how it all works. Thankfully timing was perfect as I had to decide what college and direction I wanted to take in my life. I looked at several colleges offering digital art programs, but ultimately decided to go to Savannah College of Art and Design.

During my stay there, I became more interested in pursuing animation as one of the concentrations. Although I was still very much interested in other areas such as lighting, rigging, and other technical specialties. I graduated with a BFA in May 2005 and began my new career in computer animation. It wasn’t too long after I graduated when a good friend recommended me to his boss who offered me a position. In October of that year I started my first job working for Midway Games in Chicago.

At Midway Games, I was hired on to specialize in facial animation. At that time, facial animation in games was something relatively new and needed a lot of work. With the next generation of consoles starting to take over, it was our (Josh Burton and I) job to not only animate facial, but to create a whole new pipeline and tools. This included creating rigs that would really bring the characters to life with emotion and attitude. Often times I would be able to help out with other departments by providing tools and be tasked to figure out other animation related technical problems. So I grew from not only doing facial animation, but taking on the technical animation side and creating a new pipeline for animation and rigging.

In December of 2008, Midway had a massive layoff including closing the Austin studio. I was one of the unfortunate ones to be let go and I had to start my job hunt. Thankfully, I found a new position at a great studio called ImageMovers Digital working on feature films in March 2009. I did a variety of rigging related tasks ranging from rigging characters, props, crowds, and writing tools. In March of 2010, Disney decided to close our studio after the completion of our current film, Mars Needs Moms. My last day at IMD was near the end of May 2010.

Even though it was sad to see the studio close, I was able to quickly find another studio I admired to offer me an role. So I have moved to Los Angeles and began employment at Sony Pictures Imageworks as a character setup artist (rigging) on their upcoming films. In July of 2012, I changed my role to become a software engineer for the rigging department. I have been happily enjoying developing new tools and techniques to support the studio.

As of now, my interests are directed toward the technical side of animation with rigging and programming. I still enjoy animating and I’m glad that I have that side to me as it combines both the art and technical side of myself and makes me stronger with my work.


Please feel free to contact me about anything from job opportunities, questions, or comments. You can do so by emailing me at scott at scottenglert d.o.t. com (to keep spam down, sorry)
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