Wow! I can’t believe I finally got to this stage. Almost a little nervous because I feel like something is missing. But I am excited to announce that PyMoBu version 0.1 is released and available to download on the PyMoBu Google code project page:

There are some areas that haven’t been 100% tested and some I want to update, but in the mean time I wanted to get this out into the public and get some feedback and hopefully get this project rolling for others to participate in developing.

I will hopefully have some ‘How To’ videos to watch that explain the uses for this project. But for now you can see some examples on the project page as well as reading the documentation included in the download.

If there are bugs, submit them on the project page so I can keep track. If you have some simple questions, you can email them to me and I will do my best to try to answer them.

I’m really excited to get the ground work out so hopefully it will be easy to keep adding and expanding the code to more areas in MotionBuilder. I have some more updates to put on the project page and will begin spreading the word around to other sites soon. So let’s kick this party off! Yippee!

I mentioned before that I have been slowly working on an extension to MotionBuilder’s python classes that make things easier and add more functionality. I been playing with different ways to implement these features and I think I found the best way that makes it very easy to attach without reinventing the whole pyfbsdk module. Thanks to a python guru at work that gave me the idea, I can now attach my own classes to MotionBuilder’s native ones so your code does not have to change, but can immediately begin to take advantage of the new functionality.

Below is a sample of the direction I am taking. I am still putting together all the pieces and finishing up a few other areas before I release my prototype code. I am dubbing the name PyMobu as the project name. So that will be the name until I can think of something better.

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I have been working with MotionBuilder for a few years and was constantly frustrated by writing any tools for it. Rather than ranting, I wanted to write a positive memo about Mobu 2010.

I was very happy with the improvements going from version 7.5 to 2009, however I never really got to work in 2009 but the time has come again to do some more work and take advantage of the latest version. I don’t know if I should be excited or disappointed that it took this long to provide these improvements. All I can say is that I am glad I can write cleaner code and fewer workarounds. There is still a lot of simple things that are lacking that I am just still confused why they are missing though. But progress is progress I guess.

Hopefully it will catch up to the other software out there and have a larger community. So I take my hat off to the Autodesk team at another decent upgrade rather than just re-releasing the same thing with just bug fixes.