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Now on GitHub

I was initially going to try to keep all of my open source projects and code on my web server since I pay for it and keeps things all in one place, however I was told it was difficult find using a web search. So in effort to reach more people and to make it easier for others to find and branch my code, I am going to use GitHub going forward. I won’t be dumping all of my scripts and tools up there, but just the ones that I find generally useful to a broader audience.

Currently I just moved the source code of the sePushPullConstraint and added handy utility for working with Maya’s API Arrays in C++. So if you have a GitHub account, follow me and go to my GitHub page.

The other bigger news is still coming. I have been pretty occupied lately and may have some time to get back to wrapping up the last parts. So hang on a little longer 🙂

I have to admit I haven’t been updating or adding much to this site for a while. Mostly I have been focused on work and also developing a few new tools on the side. One of them I have been working on may perhaps be available for purchase if I feel it is a valuable tool. I am still debating this and one I am further along I may post a short demo to gauge interest and go from there. So more news will be coming up down the road about this.

Other than this, I have been heavily been diving into the depths of Qt which the more I use it I find it amazingly powerful but customization can take a bit of time to understand and track down.

So that’s what I have for now!

*UPDATE* I finally figured out what I needed to do to compile 64bit plugins so I have added a 2012 64bit Windows version to the download. Also I was told there is a bug if you have your unit preferences set to something different than centimeters. If I have time, I will make an update to fix this issue.

It’s been a while but wanted to announce I compiled the sePushPullConstraint plugin for Maya 2012, windows 32 bit. I can’t compile windows 64 bit yet, so I’m sorry those who want it. You can still use the Python version if needed. When I do get a 64 bit version compiled, I will add it to the zip file.

Go to the sePushPullConstraint page here


Its been a little while since I have posted so I need to keep some kind of activity going on this site. So how about some news? Good!

Well, I had a great response for the free Maya plugin I wrote and I hope everyone is finding it useful. Feedback and comments are always welcome. I have been busy at Sony working on Smurfs and my part in that project is almost done. So in my free time I been working on completely restarting an old character I made back in college. I wanted to make my own character rig that I can apply all the things I learned so far in the industry and be completely in control of the process. So I’m completely remodeling him (my modeling skills in college were horrible) and build a very high resolution rig. At this point I don’t have any plans to release him to the public. But first thing is first, I have to finish him. This also allows me to build up my tools at home which I will gladly share if they are handy for the general 3D artists out there.

Just a little bit ago I bought my first real camera, a Canon Digital Rebel T2i. I love his camera and I’m really starting to enjoy taking pictures and finding something new to learn and explore. Sometime I may migrate some of the photos to this site if I can find a place to post them. But for now I’m learning and exploring how to take hopefully decent photographs.

In other news, my buddy Josh Burton is getting close to finishing his free character rig, Morpheus. You can download a public beta from his site and get more details on the rig itself there. Looking very good for all you hungry animators out there!

That is mostly it. So have a Smurfy day!

So I have been thinking about my options on how I want to rebuild my site and how much time it will take. So I decided to go the short route and try out wordpress after hearing some good things about it. So far it seems really easy to add content and also switch out the themes easily without having to copy all the old content over each time. So we’ll see…

Stand by while I migrate my old work over to this new system and hopefully it will be more friendly and enjoyable to visit.