It’s been a while since I have fully rebuilt my reel and put in fresh content. Still have some things in the works I will eventually add, but now is a good time it throw it out there. Also an updated resume is also there as well for you to look.

I am open to hear about possible opportunities with studios that match my current skills. Please contact me at scott@scottenglert.com and I will be happy to talk with you.

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For my resume, breakdown, and other video formats go here -> http://www.scottenglert.com/demoreel/

My good friend, Josh Burton, has been working hard on making a character rig that he will make publicly available in the near future. I think what he is trying to do will give animators out there a new, fully customizable, and very entertaining character to use. His named is Morphy, for his many body and head styles!

I think you will be really excited to see this rig and what sets it apart from most out there. He definitely wants everyone’s feedback as he continues his progress which great to get the community involved and have a word in making the rig better.

So head on over to Josh Burton’s website to see updates and more information about the project!

Fairwell IMD

Yesterday was my last day at ImageMovers Digital. I will definitely miss my fellow teammates and hope to work with you guys again. I don’t regret at all my decision to work at the studio.  I really hope Mars Needs Mom makes it to the outside and look forward to seeing the final film once it’s done.

So now that I have a few weeks off before I start at Sony, I’m getting packed up and ready to make my trip to my new place in Los Angeles! The excitement is starting to build but at the moment I’m still processing everything that is changing and taking a day at a time on what I need to get done.

Also to mention I still am working PyMoBu and I know I said this before, but I hit a few snags in some bigger issues so I had to rework some things. The good news is I’ve been adding a lot more things and I am pretty close to releasing it for testing and feedback. I want to include as much as I can so it gains the most attention possible. The only things that are left are generating some documentation (yuck) and a few other tools that I have to complete.

I started a Google code project that I am beginning to update and check in my source code. So if you are a little savvy, you can sync to it via svn and get a sneak peak. However somethings at the moment are broken that I fixed but haven’t checked in the changes.

More news will come soon about the progress, but that is all I have for now. Cheers!

I’m excited to announce that I accepted a position at Sony Imageworks in Los Angeles. I was told by a friend that Los Angeles is like gravity to our industry, you just get pulled toward it. So when I finish my remaining time at IMD, will be packing up and making the move.

I had a great time and really enjoyed the area up here. I hope to someday come back and spend a little more time,  but I gotta go where I gotta go and hopefully I will enjoy LA as much as I have enjoy the rest of California.

Also, big thanks to my friends that have given me help. I hope that I can return the favor some day.

So with me not having to work like crazy to update my reel right away, I have put a little more time into PyMoBu. So hopefully my next update will contain a demo of this claim I been making and getting what I have done out to the public for feedback.



The moment you have all been waiting for! Well, maybe… I have put a newer version of my demo reel online, however unfortunately I am unable to show all the awesome stuff I been doing at work for the obvious reasons. So this update is a minor one that adds two new things that I showcased that are a little newer. One being a quick glance at PyMoBu. It is at the end of the reel, so go see it in action. My resume is also up to date.

Of course I will put a more lengthy and detailed PyMoBu screen capture in the near future when I have time between the job hunting, work, and other projects I am working on, but I will do it.

I really wish I could show off all the things I have accomplished while working at IMD, but we will have to wait till the movie is out first. If you are interested in the possibility of hiring me for either a character td or related position, please do contact me and any questions you may have about my work.

Thank you again for taking the time to review my material and all the support from my friends and family!