This was inspired from a deformer we had a IMD made by Chad Vernon. It is a blendshape style deformer that associates two meshes by similar UV maps. You can use this deformer to drive a high resolution mesh with a lower version or transfer shapes between two characters with completely different sizes and topology. The deformer allows you to keep the original offset, adjust the delta scale which is also paintable per vertex, and has paintable weight map. The peformance is very fast and only slightly slower than a Maya blendshape.

UPDATE: This plugin is available to purchase. See the seUVBlendShape webpage at: seUVBlendShape webpage

Demo Video

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Example Usages

  • Drive multiple meshes with different topology and size
  • Transfer existing work of a character to an updated model
  • Reuse existing shapes on new characters to save setup time
  • Mirror shapes to opposite side of mesh even if it’s topology is different