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Over 11 years of experience in the feature film and games industry under various technical roles such as software development, character setup and rigging, cloth and hair simulations, and animation.


·   Software development for character rigging and animation.

·   Character, crowd, prop, and vehicle rigging.

·   Proficient in Autodesk’s Maya and MotionBuilder software packages with knowledge in Massive crowd system.

·   Experienced with Python, C++, MEL, PyQt/PySide, OpenCL, Maya API.

·   Accustomed to version control systems: Git, SVN, and Perforce.

·   Comfortable working with motion capture animation.

·   Excellent problem solver.


Software engineer | Sony pictures imageworks                                                                                                    july 2012 - present

·   Developed many rigging and animation tools including our central modular rigging systems using Python and PyQt

·   Authored and maintained plugins for Maya using C++. For example, a quadruped IK solver and several deformers.

·   Optimized and multithreaded several deformers and plugins to improve rig parallelism and performance.

·   Taught classes on Python to fellow artists and became a learning resource for others.

·   Provided support on all active productions such as Storks, Angry Birds, Hotel Transylvania 2, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

character technical director | sony pictures imageworks                                                                                                   june 2010 – july 2012

Hotel Transylvania – September 2012

·   Rigged many characters and props such as the Zombies, Yetties, and Green Blob.

·   Simulated hair and clothing for hero characters such as Frankenstein, Mavis, and Dracula.

Smurfs – August 2011

·   Finalized deformations for the Stork and setup complex articulated props such as ropes and Smurfalator.

·   Simulated hair and clothing for hero characters such as Smurfette, Papa and Gutsy smurf.

character technical director | imagemovers digital (disney)                                                                                                         march 2009 - may 2010

Mars Needs Moms – March 2011

·   Rigged all characters for director’s layout using MotionBuilder and crowd characters used in Massive.

·   Rigged hatchling alien characters and several articulated props.

·   Expanded the rigging and animation pipeline with tools such as a Maya to Massive crowd character export and animation motion capture snapping system using Python.

senior animator | midway amusement games                                                                                                        october 2005 - february 2009

·   Specialized in facial rigging and animation.

·   Hand keyed facial performances for hero and secondary characters in both cinematics and in-game.

·   Animated and corrected character body motion with motion capture.

·   Authored many animation pipeline tools for both Maya and MotionBuilder using Python and MEL. For example, facial pose library and rig setup tools.

·   Shipped six AAA titles for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles including: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Lead Technical Animator), Wheelman (Technical Animator), and Stranglehold (Facial Animator).


bachelors OF FINE art | may 2005 | savannah college of art and design

·   Major: Computer Art

·   Co-founder of the student website, The Hive, which I was later promoted as Director.

coursera online classes

·   Machine Learning

·   Algorithms, Part 1

Hobbies and Interests

·   Snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, soccer, tennis, photography, drawing.