If you need help using seUVBlendShape, please first read the FAQ below in case there is an answer to your problem. If you still need help, feel free to contact me at:

I welcome all comments and suggestions that can make this tool better. Having said that, I must be selective on what changes I do and can not make specific changes for just one person. If you have a good idea that seems reasonable and would benefit all users, I would love to hear it. Please contact me to discuss what it is you would like and we can go from there.
Depending on the changes to Maya, it may require modification to the plug-in and tools to work correctly. I try to build and test when new versions of Maya come out as quickly as I can. You will get an email from me about the timeline when a new version of the tools will be ready. If you did not get an email from me, please contact me to check.
If Maya doesn't crash but the deformer doesn't seem to work, take a look at the output window or consol for any error messages that may be printed out. I do my best to catch potential problems but there are always unique situations. Email me with the error and what you were doing leading up to the problem. If there is a crash, sometimes it's even harder to find what caused it, so it may help to send me a file and the steps to recreate the problem. Please be as descriptive and provide as much information as possible when contacting me with these type of problems; including operating system, Maya version, and other plugins or tools you are using.

Note about Maya 2016: If using the new evaluation graph, please first test if the cause of the problem is coming from the graph by switching back to regular dependency graph mode to see if the issue is resolved or not. This will also help troubleshoot where the problem may be happening.

Yes, but you will have to rebind the target(s) whenever the UVs you are using on the deformer change on either the base or target. Take a look at the MEL or Python documentation for the rebinding command. This will rebuild the association between the UV sets.
For performance reasons and due to the complexity of the plug-in, I can not make a Python version.
Currently only polygon geometry can be used for both the base mesh being affected and for the targets. The only requirement is that they are UV mapped as cleanly as possible for the best result.
Yes! For Maya 2016 and above, there is GPU override support that gives extra performance by using the graphics card to accelerate the deformer. See Maya's documentation for more information about using GPU override.
The trial and full version are basically identical with how it is installed. The quickest way is to delete the trial version root seUVBlendShape directory and extract the full version in it's place. Just make sure the root seUVBlendShape folder is the same name as before. When you restart Maya, the full version of the plugin will be used. Any saved scenes with the trial version will work with the full version of the plugin and existing tools that use the MEL and Python scripts should also be unaffected.