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Not too long ago Autodesk released Maya 2016 extension 2 (basically called 2016.5). This update however isn’t binary compatible with version 2016. What this means is plugins that were compiled in 2016 will not work in extension 2. So I quickly rebuilt the constraint so there is now a 2016.5 version now in the sePushPullConstraint download.

So if you have just upgraded, you might want to download the plugin again to get the latest build here.



There has been a couple minor improvements to the sePushPullConstraint plugin. For example, the constraint name is now returned after using the sePushPullConstraint command and fixed the “redo” of the command. Also the other addition to this update is I am now including the source code in C++.  If anyone needs to compile it for their operating system and Maya version, they do not have to rely on me to do it. If you have compiled a version that is not available on my site, please let me know and I will add it for everyone else to have.

So go to the sePushPullConstraint page to get the download of version 1.2 of the plugin and source code!