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 Demo Reel

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1. Cartoony Body Rig – 0:04
Animation and deformation rig
Responsible for: Everything
Software used: Maya, C++

2. 29 Bone Game Facial Rig – 0:49
Bone based facial rig used for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Responsible for: Rig co-development
Software used: Maya

3. Facial Rig Test in Unreal3 – 1:03
Facial rig range of motion test in Unreal3 engine
Responsible for: Rig co-development and poses
Software used: Maya and Unreal

4. Push/Pull Constraint – 1:14
Maya constraint to keep two transforms at a fixed distance
Responsible for: Writing plugin
Software used: Maya, C++
Free download

5. Vertex Displacement Deformer – 1:32
Maya deformer that expands a vertex along it’s normal and tool to auto fit to a target mesh
Responsible for: Writing plugin and script
Software used: Maya, C++, Python

6. Vertex Snapping Deformer – 2:07
Maya deformer that binds the deformed mesh to the closest vertices on the target meshes
Responsible for: Writing plugin
Software used: Maya, C++

7. PyMoBu: Python Wrapper for MotionBuilder – 2:40
Python package that adds many features and improvements to MotionBuilder’s native implimentation
Responsible for: Writing software
Software used: MotionBuilder, Python
Free download at